How to delete photo without deleting post on Facebook

With over 2 Billion members, you’re obviously not the first person to succumb to peer pressure — or curiosity — and sign up to join the busy community called Facebook.

Facebook is fun and everything about it is just getting better and better as new things are being introduced almost on monthly basis. There's really no doubt about Facebook becoming the most social network (if it's currently not).

On Facebook, you share posts, videos, photos and sometimes both. However, there are times you wish to delete Facebook photo without deleting the actual post.

In this article, we are going to show you how to edit post such that you can easily delete photo without laying your fingers on the real post.

Delete Facebook photo without deleting post

In order to delete photos without touching the post contains the photo, follow the Facebook tips outlined below:

  1. Go to the post that houses the photo
  2. Click  on this icon in the top right of your post
  3. Click Edit Post
  4. Hover over the photos you'd like to delete and click x in the top right
  5. Click Save

Note: You are not allowed to delete photos from a post you've shared from a third-party app. Also, if your post in a Facebook group only includes one photo, you can't delete the photo without deleting the entire post.

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